Choosing PVC-U windows, doors and conservatories

More people choose PVC-U windows than any other framing material. Some 85% of homes in the UK are estimated to have them.

For years many have chosen PVC-U window frames because they are great to look at, affordable and never need painting. Today, however, with climate change issues in mind, it also makes good sense to choose PCV-U windows and doors.

There are more A energy rated PVC-U windows than other framing material. And PVC windows score top marks in the BRE Green Guide for sustainability and they are recyclable.

Although little known, PVC-U from old windows can now be used to make new windows as well as other items. Plus PVC-U can be recycled not once, but up to 10 times.

Design-wise, PVC-U is by far the most versatile framing material. Frame designs can equally suit traditional-style buildings, modern architecture and low-energy consuming homes. And they always look good – no peeling paint, no rusty bits, no paint on windows and there are loads of styles to choose from.